DirectAdmin DNS Sync for Cloudflare

Daflare automatically synchronises your DNS records from DirectAdmin to Cloudflare: one of the fastest and most reliable DNS hosting services in the world!

Automatic Sync

Create / Update / Delete DNS records automatically using the standard DirectAdmin tools

Cloudflare Proxy

Enable Cloudflare proxy for all, none or selected records

GUI Control Panel

Configure daflare from within DirectAdmin, or via the command line

Quick & Easy Install

Using DirectAdmin plugin administration

Multiple CF Accounts

Use multiple Cloudflare accounts assigned by domain name

Shared CF Account

Use your Cloudflare account with all, or selected user accounts

Preview Mode

See proposed DNS record updates without committing changes to Cloudflare

Plugin Log

View logfile to monitor synchronization

Feature Comparison

Standard (FREE)

This is the one for you to run on your own server for your own accounts or if you only have a few users and you’re happy to create configurations for them on a domain by domain basis.

You might also just want to try it out to make sure it does what you want!

Feature Listing


(in development... still...)

When you have multiple users on your server, you’ll want to provide a way for them to add their own Cloudflare account and manager their own settings.

OK – so this one is still in development, but here are the plans (if you’re keen let me know and I’ll push it along…)

Feature Listing

price TBC

Unfortunately I haven’t had enough interest to pursue this – especially while Direct Admin still have it on their Pro Pack ‘to do’ list.

For a fully illustrated installation guide visit:

"In this guide, we will show you how you can update your DNS records using the DNS Management panel in DirectAdmin and automatically synchronise the DNS records to Cloudflare..."