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Beta information

It’s in beta – does this mean it’s not safe for production?

The software has been tested thoroughly on our server, on Centos with our specific (but very standard) DirectAdmin install.

It should work just as happily elsewhere, but until it is thoroughly tested on other distros it is best to alert people that they need to test it on their own platform. ie. You can be fairly confident, but use at your own risk.

While in beta mode there will also be lots of updates to the plugin with new features regularly being rolled out. Details of these can be found in the Changelog.

Test by using Preview Mode

If you do set daflare up on your server, run it in preview mode for a start and watch the log output to see what changes it would make to the domain records on your Cloudflare account (especially if you already use Cloudflare to host your DNS). Once you’re happy that it is proposing to make changes correctly, then switch it into Live mode and let daflare do it’s magic!

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