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DNS Record Sync FAQs

When do the DNS records sync?

  1. You can manually initiate a sync by clicking on a sync button in the daflare control panel next to the domain you wish you synchronize. (Available when Direct Zone File Access mode is set to Standard. See: Admin Configuration)
  2. All of the DNS records for a domain get syncronized when any changes are made to a single one of those records in DirectAdmin.
  3. When updating a configuration, you can click on the ‘Update Config and Sync’ button to run a sync immediately after the configuration has been saved. (Available when Direct Zone File Access mode is set to Standard. See: Admin Configuration)

Note that a nameserver record for the domain being edited/synced must be set to a Cloudflare nameserver address to allow the synchronization.

OH NO, I’ve made a mistake and can’t remember what the DNS record content should be! How can I find the previous value?

No need to worry, any DNS records that get added or deleted, are logged to the daflare log file (See: File Locations) Any changes to your DNS records are also logged in Cloudflare’s Audit Log, available in the Cloudflare Control Panel.

How do I work out what my Cloudflare nameserver should be set to?

Cloudflare assigns unique nameserver addresses to your domain from a list of around 100 different names that are available. Usually these nameserver addresses are the same for all domains on an account, but it can happen that they assign different domains.

The easiest way to find your addresses is to assign one of the nameservers for your domain to ns.cloudflare.com, then go into the daflare control panel and sync that domain. The sync message that is displayed will tell you what your NS records need to be changed to for that domain. We’re working with the helpful team at DirectAdmin to enable a message to be displayed in the DNS editing area in DirectAdmin as well, but for now you’ll just need to sync from the daflare control panel, or view the logfile on the server.

Are NS records synchronized as well as other record types?

Yes, all NS records, whose content doesn’t contain ‘…ns.cloudflare.com’, are synchronized from DirectAdmin to Cloudflare. The plugin doesn’t synchronize the Cloudflare NS records as those records are automatically added by Cloudflare. You do however need to set the Cloudflare NS records in DirectAdmin to notify the plugin that you want it to handle the synchronization.

If you type the wrong Cloudflare NS records in DirectAdmin, the message log will display what they should be set to.

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